Saturday, May 04, 2019

Virtue Signalling

Have you ever wanted to do something that would make you feel good about yourself, gain positive recognition from others, and not spend a single cent doing it? If so, all that you need to do is moralize via social media and everyone that you interact with. Just do as the title of this post suggests and virtue signal. You don't even need to be a virtuous person in order to virtue signal. Democratic politicians do it all the time. As a matter of fact, the Democratic party is full of virtue signalling, but deficient in virtues!

In this day and age and with this current generation of young adults, things such as facts, evidence, and independent thought are shunned while feelings, subjectivity, and intersectionality are embraced. Perceived victimhood is everything to leftist millennials, AKA snowflakes. Especially if you're a "person of color"--except if you're of SE Asian or Jewish descent! People are not judged by the content of their character, but by the color of their skin and group identity. If you look a certain way, you must think and vote in accordance with your intersectional group identity. If you're a teenager, and your high school was the setting of a mass shooting, then you should know all about gun control and everybody ought to listen to you and you get to dictate gun control legislation for the entire country. You're a victim damn it! You have the authority to dictate gun control legislation even when you have not read the Constitution and you have limited knowledge about firearms. You know what's best simply because you're a victim. If you are of African descent, you are by default oppressed by white people. You are entitled to slavery reparations even when you have never ever been coerced to pick cotton or tobacco for a single day in your life by a plantation owner. If you're white, then you're considered to be privileged and oppressive--that is unless you virtue signal about your white guilt and privilege to demonstrate that you're "woke." By doing so, you're considered as oppressive as a tiger that has lost all of its claws and fangs. By pandering to certain groups, you should be considered an ally to minorities. You don't even need to donate a single cent to charities that help minorities.

In this country, you could become a millionaire by selling backward Marxist ideas to useful idiots, own multiple houses, and make a career by mooching off of taxpayers, and still be glorified so long as you virtue signal your outrage against capitalism, establishment politicians, millionaires, and billionaires. You could be lauded for your economic expertise and "progressive" ideas despite never securing actual employment, simply by moralizing economically illiterate idiocy that has resulted in massive death and destruction around the globe.

Proclaiming that health care is a right is a way of virtue signalling one's altruism and philanthropy, but it does not increase the number of doctors, nurses, technicians, hospitals, clinics, meds, etc. Declaring that health care is a right demonstrates how "woke" you are to useful idiots at no financial cost to you. Announcing that education is a right does not increase the number of professors, teachers, para-educators, administrators, counselors, schools, classrooms, etc. Declaring that education is a right demonstrates how "woke" you are to useful idiots at no financial cost to you. It's so easy to publicly express your generosity with other people's money. You don't even need to worry about how to finance the cost of these "rights." You don't need to do any math or accounting. Who needs facts and figures? 

A truly virtuous person does not need to announce or display to the world just how virtuous he is. His virtues are observable in his daily life and deeds to those around him without fanfare. A virtuous person does not need to act all offended when he hears or sees something that he disagrees with. A virtuous person does not need to vilify and race-bait those with opposing views to demonstrate how righteous he is. He does not need affirmation from others that he is a scrupulous man. Similarly, a truly beautiful woman does not need to remind people how beautiful she is. A truly beautiful woman does not need to wear excessive make-up to enhance her features. Her beauty would naturally radiate from her presence. She does not need affirmation from others that she is a beautiful woman. 

These days, things are all too often taken at face value. You could say that you are a Christian, yet be in a same-sex marriage and champion a woman's "right" to kill her unborn child, and there would still be people who believe that you are a devout Christian. You could announce to the world that walls are "immoral," yet live in a mansion surrounded by walls and security guards. You could be a geriatric miser who has never held a real job, become a millionaire via illicit means, shame and indict other millionaires and billionaires for their greed, yet only donate about 2% of your income to charity, champion a failed economic ideology, spew false narratives, advocate for criminals to have voting rights and there would still people out there that would think that you are revolutionary, anti-establishment, and benevolent.

Although I am not religious, I recognize the importance of religion--moreover, Judeo-Christian values. The principles and rights guaranteed in the Constitution by the Founding Fathers come from their faith in an almighty God. "IN GOD WE TRUST" is on every United States bill and coin. Everybody needs to have faith in something. As church attendance declines, the masses will want the government to be their Lord, politicians to be their Savior, and bureaucrats and celebrities to be their preachers. The masses would rely on their feelings and not their faith in their actions. They would justify their actions by demonizing those they do not agree with. The masses would seek to overthrow the laws of the land and supplant them with mob rule. Instead of attending church service or mass, the masses would assemble to riot and protest even when they have no inkling of what they are resisting just to demonstrate their virtues in resisting those they demonize to the world and make themselves feel good. Instead of praying, they would virtue signal. Instead of Biblical stories, they would believe in unfounded narratives disseminated by celebrities and those who claim victimhood as if fame and victimhood turn people into authorities on society, economics, and science.

Just because saying or doing something makes you feel good, that does not mean that you are actually doing any good. If you want to feel good and do good, go to church and volunteer. If you want to feel good and do good, donate your time and money to worthwhile charities. If you want to feel good and do good, do your research and enrich your mind with facts prior to speaking. Ask yourself, if what you're doing/saying is making you feel better or is it making the world better. If it's just making you feel better, then you are virtue signalling. Virtue signalling does nothing to help those who are in need. 

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